I heard about red beer from pianist Vicki Ray. I have yet to actually try one (maybe some day).

Here's what Vicki has to say about this concoction:

thought this might be useful for your research. Cheers!

Some thoughts on "red beer" a.k.a. "ladies beer" a.k.a. "trucker's beer":

The Beer: a light Mexican beer is perfect. San Miguel, Corona, Rialto. The
cheaper the better. Never use a beer heavier than this or a beer that has
much flavor. The beer is basicallly just there to add two things:
carbonation and alcohol.

The Tomato juice: avoid thick or chunky tomato or vegetable juices. The
bubbles from the above light beer have a harder time fighting their way
through. However, spicy juices can be good. Low-sodium V-8 is recommended
for those watching their weight.

Spices: like its snobby sister, the Bloody Mary, the Red Beer can be
enhanced with any number of spices and other acoutrements. Fresh lime is
almost a must. Squeeze the juice into the drink and then toss the lime in
for color. Tabasco or other hot sauces can be added to taste. Various kinds
of stuffed olives are also good. When you are ready to drink some folks just
have to grate a bit of pepper on top too.

The Proportions: this is a matter of taste. However, too much juice and the
drink is "gloppy" too little and the beer is merely colored and not
flavored. In a standard beer glass fill the bottom one fourth to one third
with juice and then add the beer. An interesting pink-orange foam should
form on top. Add spices etc. to taste. Enjoy!

© 2006 vicki ray
used by permission

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